Published by on 26 Oct 2008

Fight Debt With a Master Plan

Rapid Debt-Reduction Strategies (Financial Freedom Series)

Each and everyday the unrelenting devourer called “interest” is eating a bigger bite out of every dollar being spent. It seems that every possible advantage available is being taken by the “easy-payment industry” to keep people permanently in as much debt as they can possibly pay. Let us say this straight – it is not a coincidence that you cannot seem to get out of debt. It appears to be the result of a well-executed plan.

If a person’s credit rating is good, new strategies are apparently being devised to get that person deeper into debt. Once that person is in to his or her limit, the credit industry seem to work to keep that person in there for the rest of that person’s life.

If a person is to survive this relentless attack against his or her assets, that person must fight back with a master plan. It is not a plan just to get the person out of debt, but a plan that will get that person out of debt and keep them out of debt.
The strategies in Rapid Debt Strategies is not an experiment. They are based on principles that have been proven time and again. It has worked in the life of folks who were deep in debt and has taken them from the depths of debt into the completely debt-free lifestyle they now enjoy.

Published by on 20 Oct 2008

Getting A Loan Is Not Wrong

This web site does not believe in never getting a loan. In a time of need, a properly handled loan can serve a person well. However, there is a very special philosophy that must be applied to any loan which is made if that loan not to dominate or rule a person’s life. That philosophy will be thoroughly explained in one of this site’s future articles.

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