Published by on 01 Nov 2008

Upcoming Debt Reduction Strategies

Rapid Debt-Reduction Strategies (Financial Freedom Series)

Below is a list of the upcoming topics or debt reduction strategies to be featured in this web site.
1) Ten Powerful Mortgage Payment Strategies
2) Credit Card Strategies
3) Purchasing and Financing a Car
4) Staying Out of Debt
5) The Master Plan Strategy

Published by on 28 Oct 2008

The Aging of the Credit Industry

In the last thirty to forty years, the credit industry has come into full maturity. No longer is it just a convenience made available to those who cannot pay cash. It is a full-grown, multi-billion dollar industry which sells its services as a part of every financial transaction being entered into. Apparently, multiplied billions of dollars are being spent annually by the credit industry to project the illusion that the easy-payment plan is helping the population into a better lifestyle. It is high time that people be awakened and examine whether or not that is true.

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